97 & Social

A cool, fun and audacious venue

Serving up more than signature dishes and innovative cocktails; it’s the ultimate social experience.

The new sharing platters are a revelation, from the Meat Sharer, succulent beef patties, teriyaki beef strips, duck liver pate, garlic smoked mackerel pot, garlic and lime prawns, cured ham, orange and date chutney with gherkins.

To the Vegetarian Sharer, artichokes, green nochellara olives, bread sticks, goats cheese mousse, pea and mint tart blue cheese arancini with olive olive oil and twelve year old balsamic vinegar, the food is fresh and beautifully presented.

The two latest cocktails to grace the menu are a welcome edition, you can almost hear them shout ‘summer’ Celery Sour made with Tanqueray mmmmm, is joined by the fabulous old school Pina Colada.

97 & Social97 & Social

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